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eyelashes and eyebrows

Grüne Augen und Make-up

Eyelash lengthening, thickening and lamination.

The eyes are the mirror to the soul. Well-groomed eyebrows and eyelashes can change our appearance spectacularly and give the face a special expression. 

There is no perfect look without long, thick eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows   - because they give the face the optimal contour, harmonious radiance and an expressive, charismatic look. 

At FIM cosmétique naturelle we specialize in eyelash and eyebrow treatments.

We do what we can and what we can do - is our motto.

Our multiple award-winning lash master and trainer is an absolute specialistin your field and will conjure up a look that is as good as a book. Natural or glamorous, the choice is yours.


In our beauty salon in Hildesheim we offer:

eyelash extensions

  • 1.1 Technology

  • mixed media

  • volume technique

Lash lifting / eyelash lamination

Brow Lifting / Eyebrow Lamination

Eyelash and eyebrow treatments

YUMI lash lift

During the application, your own eyelashes are bent upwards and stretched with a gel pad and special lotions.

This happens through a chemical process that is triggered by the different lotions. By choosing between different gel cushions for eyelash lifting, the strength of the bend can be determined individually. The perfectly curved eyelashes, which can otherwise only be achieved with the help of an eyelash curler, last around 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash tinting is included in the price.

Keratin treatment for eyelashes

An additional treatment with keratin cares for the eyelashes after the eyelash lift and gives them extra strength and shine.


YUMI brow lift

Similar to eyelash lifting, the eyebrows are shaped as required with various lotions and permanently fixed in the desired position.

The incorporation of special active ingredients gives the eyebrows more shine and volume.

The treatment lasts  30-45 minutes, the result lasts about 4 weeks.

By realigning the hair, we have more options to shape the brows.

Our eyebrow color lasts longer because the color is introduced into the open hair.

The daily  fixation of the eyebrows is omitted - brush once and you're done.

Permanent Augenbrauen Make-up in Bearbeitung

Eyelash tinting/ eyebrow tinting

What use is the most beautiful hairstyle and the most suitable hair color if eyebrows and eyelashes look pale and expressionless next to them?


The color professionals in the salons can remedy the situation with an appropriate coloring. Whether creative or classic to reinforce the natural color, there are hardly any limits to the color wishes. Our colors are mixed according to type and do not stain the skin, so we get a long-lasting natural result.

Augen und Augenbrauen

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