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Lash lift & brow lift by YUMI

Grüne Augen und Make-up

Eyelash and eyebrow lamination with keratin

Lash lifting / eyelash lamination

Yumi Lashes is a world-renowned brand that is represented in over 20 countries.

Lash Enhancement by YUMI LASHES is a true REVOLUTION in the cosmetics industry. The vast majority of customers who have tried the YUMI LASHES treatment are enthusiastic and have it repeated regularly.

Instead of a traditional perm, which only shapes your eyelashes, YUMI LASHES gives you curling eyelashes with more length and volume, making them look longer and thicker. Everyone would like to have a charming look and longer eyelashes, which is possible with the new YUMI LASHES technique without artificial eyelash extensions.

A very important component of Yumi Lashes cosmetics is keratin. This protein is the main component of the hair structure and gives the hair strength, elasticity and shine. For a healthy appearance of the hair thanks to keratin. High-tech eyelash lamination uses keratin to enhance the appearance and depth of hair structure. Yumi Lashes is a special combination of keratin, D-panthenol and other active ingredients that immediately activate all recovery processes.

All the ingredients used throughout the process were made and used in France. The high quality of the cosmetic is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

The treatment takes place in a few steps by applying various components to your eyelashes.

First, the eyelashes are placed on a silicone prosthesis to shape the curl of the eyelashes. Then the individual eyelashes are pigmented (there are four different colors to choose from). The pigments get deep into the inside of the eyelashes. The next layer is processed with keratin. Over the next 24 hours you will have thick, dark lashes with a beautiful curl.

The eyelids lift optically (eye-opening effect) and the use of mascara becomes superfluous. If you wish, you can continue to wear them, which is not possible with false eyelashes. After the treatment, do not be afraid to wash and care for your face with your cosmetic products as usual or to sleep with your face to the pillow. Contact lenses can also be worn without restrictions. The effect is achieved with just one treatment and lasts up to 2-3 months without additional correction.

Yumi Lashes is the result of the latest and most innovative research in beauty technology.


  • Yumi Lashes is a keratin hair regeneration treatment specially designed for the treatment of eyelashes.

  • Thanks to the keratin, the eyelashes become thicker and have more volume. A nicer swing is created.

  • The general increase in volume visually lifts the eyelid and creates an open-eye effect.

  • Yumi Lashes regenerates the eyelashes by filling them with pigments, keratin, amino acids, proteins and vitamins.

  • The lashes become silky, voluminous, have a balanced shape and - most importantly - they remain natural.

  • Yumi Lashes makes your dream of natural, beautiful eyelashes come true!

  • Market leader made in France

  • Lasts up to 3 months

 With Yumi Lashes you may:

  • Sleep in any pose

  • Continue to wash and care for your face with all cosmetic products

  • Go to the sauna

  • Swim in the sea or pool

  • wear contact lenses

  • Apply mascara

  • Use all eye creams


Brow lift/ eyebrow lamination

Eyebrows can be shaped in exactly the same way as eyelashes. Eyebrow lamination, also known as eyebrow lamination or brow lifting, makes your eyebrows softer and therefore more malleable, unruly hairs are smoothed and can be optimally shaped. The creatine treatment also has a nourishing effect and has a regenerating effect on your brows. The result: Your eyebrows look well-groomed and appear fuller and thicker. Eyebrow lamination is also ideal if you have permanent make-up on your brows.

And this is how it is done:

First, the brows are thoroughly cleaned of make-up, brow color, dust and grease and wiped with an antiseptic, and the skin around the brows is also disinfected. A moisturizing fluid is now applied to make the skin and hair soft and supple, so that the brows are ideally prepared for the treatment. Now the hairs are combed upwards and backwards with a brow comb and shaped in such a way that they are ideally matched to your eyes and face shape. In order to fix the brows in this way, a transparent creatine gel is applied and covered with a foil, which accelerates the hardening. After 10-15 minutes the foil is removed and the excess creatine is carefully wiped from the skin.


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