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Classic & Apparative COSMETICS

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for every skin type

In our natural cosmetics studio in Hildesheim we offer you an extensive range of treatments and products. Suitable solutions for different skin types and different beauty goals.

Whether acne treatment with fruit acid, classic cosmetics or facial treatments, our beautician will find the right application for you. 


Experience our extraordinary beauty rituals, which you will experience with all your senses and let yourself be pampered.

Classic facial treatments

Our classic facial treatments are as individual as you are.

Do you have comparatively smooth, unproblematic skin? Or does it often show imperfections? We adapt our treatment to you.

In the case of impurities, it is important to us to remove them in depth so that they also disappear permanently. For people who have very dry skin, we use highly effective saturating moisturizing agents. An anti-aging mask with additional treatment with hyaluronic acid can also be useful to reduce wrinkles. Our special facial treatment against pigment disorders uses highly effective products to conjure up an even complexion again.


Blemished & oily skin 

The anti-inflammatory peel-off mask with tea tree oil and zinc oxide reduces sebum production and prevents impurities. The Puri Life treatment is ideal for oily and impure skin. The active ingredient complex of algae, rosemary, menthol and cucumber works:

  • regulating and reducing sebum production

  • mattifying and moisturizing

  • balancing and calming.

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Acid treatment for more luminosity AHA GLYKO

The intensive treatment with an active ingredient complex of glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid and white algae has a triple effect:

  • pigment-correcting, brightening and skin-refining

  • corrective for acne and acne scars

  • intensive anti-aging effect.

This treatment consists of two Aha-Glyco serums with a weaker and stronger skin peeling effect and two masks, one to neutralize the acid and the other to regulate the hydrolipidic layer of the skin

NOTE: The AHA-Glyco treatment should not be carried out between May and September due to the sun exposure.

More about that
Frau jung und alt, anti-aging


MICRO-NEEDLING ist eine invasive Behandlungsmethode für sichtbar schöneres Hautblid.

Die Behandlung wird mit einem elektronisch gesteuerten Needling-Pen durchgeführt, dessen Spitze mit sterilen Nadeln versehen ist. Die Nadeln bewegen sich voll automatisiert auf und ab, perforieren dabei sanft die Haut und schaffen während nur einer Behandlung tausende von Mikrokanälen. Dies übt einen Schlüsselreiz auf die Stimulierung und Regeneration der Haut aus. Speziell für die Behandlung entwickelte hoch dosierte Wirkstoffe können direkt und gleichmäßig in die Haut gelangen und ihre Wirkung dort entfalten, wo es darauf ankommt: in den tieferen Schichten der Haut.



Gentle and effective for firm skin

Microdermabrasion uses a jet of corindon crystals and a vacuum. The crystals remove the top horny layer gently and in a controlled manner, and the vacuum stimulates cells. This allows us to regenerate the skin from the inside out. Microdermabrasion tends to be suitable for every skin type and is used to optimize your skin condition.

Areas of application: excess cornification, coarse skin relief, wrinkles, photodamage, vascular weakness, pigment disorders, impurities

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