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Frauen Beine
ESENSA Lavendel Salz

Body treatment with a lifting effect - for shaped legs, firm buttocks and modeled shapes!

Detox, peel and define!

In our cosmetic studio we offer a variety of beauty treatments for the body.

This body treatment combines the latest and most innovative cosmetic technologies

with the most precious natural herbal ingredients.

Our body treatments  have several objectives: 

Redefining body lines




Anti-cellulite action. 


Optimal results are achieved by taking a comprehensive approach and creating an individual program for each client. 

We rely on the natural cosmetics from ESENSA MEDITERANA and MAVEX.

These care lines offer intensive body treatments with body packs rich in active ingredients.


Circumference-reducing, modeling, detoxifying.

Black pepper, activated charcoal and four powerful slimming phytocomplexes of the latest generation come together in synergy to perform an exceptionally comfortable body treatment. This treatment has the ability to slim down, shape and detoxify the body with unprecedented effectiveness.

Body Black - slim & detox works with a double synergic action that rids the body of excess fat and toxins.

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Körperbehendlung mit Kohle


Exfoliates and smoothes

The sea salt peeling "Lavender & Mint" and the massage oil "Mediterranean Forest" are mixed to form a peeling paste.

Hardened skin cells are thoroughly removed. The tightening Body Firming Lifting Cream is applied as a final treatment. The rich comfort cream with Raffermine® - a tightening, firming soy protein - provides new tone and elasticity. Valuable argan oil and Centella Asiatica have a regenerating and smoothing effect on the skin and make it soft and supple.

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Massage Salze


Purifies and dehydrates.

An intensively detoxifying and dehydrating body treatment with algae and guarana extracts. The peel-off mask with algae and guarana extracts, the massage cream with L-carnitine and active ingredients with green coffee and rosemary inhibit the formation of new fat cells, combat lymphatic congestion and water retention.

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Children massages

A break for the little ones.

Sensitive, gentle massage techniques and warmed, orange-scented oil give wonderful moments of relaxation and body awareness. The playful combination of both creates an experience for the memory.

This treatment is only carried out in the presence of a parent.

For children up to 12 years

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